Forms, forms and more forms!

It’s all getting very real, as I am very busy making the final arrangements for a smooth period abroad at the University of Montana! Let’s go through it!

When I received my definitive placement, I was in doubt whether to book my flight immediately or wait until I had obtained my visa. Eventually, as flights started to fill up, I decided to go along and book! It was super exciting to actually book and realize that I’m REALLY GOING TO STUDY ABROAD!!! WHOOO 😀

When I calmed down I realized there was plenty of stuff left to still arrange. I contacted my academic advisor and together we picked courses I liked and that would fit in my schedule. Then, I let these courses be approved by the board of examiners of my home institution. I’m super excited about the courses I chose: they’re about the US and some even specifically about Montana. I chose courses on Native Americans, on US history and the US political system. I specifically wanted “local” courses, to enhance my period abroad by doing courses that I would not be able to do elsewhere.

Part of the college experience is of course living in a dorm! And just a few days ago, I received my housing assignment. I will be living in an all-womens dorm in a double room. It was my first choice, so I am very happy with this assignment! It is a small dorm with only 116 women and it’s close to all the buildings where my courses are.

Of course, the most important thing to still arrange is my J-1 Visa. After suffering through forms, forms and more forms, I finally managed to schedule an appointment. In about two weeks I will be visiting the US Consulate in Amsterdam to have an interview that will determine if I will be issued a visa or not. Let’s all hope for the best!


Front view of Turner Hall, where I’ll live

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