Dutchie in the USA?

Today I completed my application for International Student Exchange Programs. How did that go and what’s next?

In september, I will be going on exchange to the United States. Today I completed my application including a top 10 of universities I would like to attend. It was a hell of a job to complete this list, let alone writing motivations and choosing 10 possible courses for each one, but it’s done! So, what’s on my wishlist?

On number one is Westminster University in Salt Lake City. Right when I found this university I knew I wanted to attend it. Having the Rockies as my backyard would be amazing! Westminster University is a small college with an enrolment of about 3000 students and a low student to faculty ratio of 9 to 1. That means that for every 9 students there is 1 faculty member. Education is personal at this university. Not only the Rockies are closeby, but also skiing resorts and national parks are within driving distance. This makes it the ideal university: combining academic quality with outdoor opportunities!

My second choice is Pitzer College, a prestigious university near LA. This is also a small university (1000 students) with a low student to faculty ratio (12:1). The great weather and palm trees on campus are of course very attractive. The reason that this is not my first choice, is that I think that the workload will be crazy, because of the prestigiousness of this university. Even though I think I can manage this, I want to have time to spend not studying. Also, Pitzer has limited outdoor recreation opportunities, although you might not need it in such a idyllic environment.

The rest of my list contains universities all over the US, including universities in Colorado, Montana and Virginia. I’m super excited to submit my application and I really look forward to hearing where I will be placed by ISEP. This process takes 3 to 4 weeks. After that, ISEP sends my application to that university, where they will judge my application once more. This process also takes 3-4 weeks. Theoretically, the university could still reject me after placement by ISEP, although I do think that does not happen often.

When I know where I’m placed, I will let you know! Have you ever studied abroad?


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